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Wichita, KS Church Fires, May 1884

Wichita, Kan., May 3. -- Kirby Chapel, belonging to the Methodist denomination of this city, burned last night. Fire has also been kindled at the base of the steeple of the Presbyterian Church.  read more »

Topeka, KS Fire, Oct 1891

Fire destroyed the livery stables of T. J. O'Connell & Co., and burned thirteen head horses with a large amount of wagons, harness and feed.  read more »

Topeka, KS Copeland Hotel Destroyed By Fire, Jan 1909

Copeland Hotel Fire


State Senator STEWARAT Drops Guests from Windows -- I. E. LAMBERT Perishes.  read more »

Oakley, KS Fire, Sept 1904

Small Kansas Town Destroyed by Fire  read more »