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Moran, WY Plane Crashes On Rugged Peak, Nov 1950


Moran, Wyo., Nov. 22 -- (AP) -- Four skilled countaineers[sic] started at daybreak climbing cloud-shrouded Mount Moran in search of a missionary plane that disappeared near the peak last night with 21 persons -- eight of them children -- aboard.
Forest Ranger BLAKE VAN DE WATER and three ski-shod alpinists started trudging through snow toward a spot where watchers last night saw a huge fire. Heavy clouds cloaked the scene this morning. Winds of 30 to 40 miles an hour whipped the area but there was no snowfall. The temperature is around freezing.
Only faint hope was held by forest service officials that there were any survivors if the plane crashed and burned on the mountain. The four mountaineers carried a radio and light signaling equipment but it was expected to take them six to eight hours to reach the scene.
A Wyoming civial air patrol pilot tried to fly over the rocky peak this morning, but was driven back by fog. The plane took off from Jackson, about 20 miles south of Moran, and landed again two hours later. The pilot said the lofty mountain was obscured by fog.
A resort owner said he saw a burning fuselage in the flames far above timberline on the precipitous east face of the mountain. When the fire subsided, he could see nothing resembling a campfire.
The missing plane was bound from Chico, Calif., to Billings, Mont. Owned by the New Tribes Mission, a religious organization, it was on the first leg of a flight to South America.
Passengers included two young mothers with their children, widowed in the crash of another mission-owned plane in Venezuela last June which killed 15. Also aboard was DR. PAUL W. FLEMINGS of Chico, mission director.
The new, twin-engine DC-8 last reported by radio over Idaho Falls, Idaho, at 3:48 o'clock yesterday.

Chico, Calif., Nov. 22 -- (AP) -- Names of the 21 persons aboard the new Tribes Mission DC-3 overdue at Billings, Mont., as released by JOHN GARBER, secretary of the mission:
STERLING LOWREY of Watsontown, Pa.
NACK DENIS of Richmond, Calif.
ROBERT CRAMMER of Talent, Ore.
MR. and MRS. ROBERT JUDGE of Portland Ore., and two daughters, DIANNA 21 months, and RUTH, 6 months.
MRS. EDNA GREINER of Bellwood, Pa., and her five children, VICTORIA, 8, DOROTHY, 7, NANCY, 5, JOANNA, 4, JOHN, 1.
HAROLD FREEMAN of Fresno, Calif.
ARTHUR C. ELTRICK, JR., of Inglewood, Calif.
ROBERT COOK of Baldwin Park, Calif.
MRS. DONNA WETHERALD of Baker, Ore., and her son, MARK, 7 months.
JACK BEACH of Portland.
MISS HAZEL HANSON of Duluth, Minn.

Independent Record Helena Montana 1950-11-22




Moran, Wyo. -- (AP) -- Aerial searchers spotted yesterday the wreckage of a chartered airliner which crashed against the side of lofty Mount Moran. The plane carried 21 persons.
CARL J. PETERSEN of Afton, Wyo., piloting a four-place plane, said he saw the wreckage clearly several times in what appeared to be a melted spot in the snow about 1,100 feet below the top of the 12,594 foot peak.
Tail Section Sighted.
PETERSON said he could see the tail section of the fuselage. He said it had a brown rudder with yellow horizontal stripes.
Searchers said that tallied with a description of the missing plane, an airliner of the New Tribes Mission.
The plane disappeared Tuesday night over the Teton Mountain range.
The probable location of the wreckage was fixed when residents of Moran and other communities along the eastern shore of Jackson Lake reported seeing a fire burning on the side of Mount Moran, which rises precipitously from the western shore of the lake.
Weather Clearing.
PETERSEN said the wreckage he sighted was in almost exactly the spot in which the fire had been reported.
PETERSEN'S plane was one of four in the air yesterday afternoon. The searchers were quick to take advantage of the first clearing weather since the plane disappeared.
With PETERSEN were B. H. SIMPSON and ONA LEAVIN, both of Afton, and REX NIELD, photographer for the Post Register at Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Officials of the Grand Teton National Park reported they received word also from the leader of a ground searching party that what appeared to be plane wreckage had been sighted through binoculars.

The Bradford Era Pennsylvania 1950-11-24

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