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East Rio, WI Train Wreck, Nov 1886


Thirteen Persons Burned Alive in a Blazing Car.

A terrible railroad accident occurred the other night at East Rio, Wis., thirteen miles from Portage. The limited passenger train on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, which left Milwaukee at 10 P. M., was derailed at East Rio and thrown into an old stone quarry. The engine and tender, a baggage car and two coaches, were hurled from the track, into the quarry. The engine left the track, ran a short distance, and brought up against the side of the cut and then toppled over. The baggage car and the coaches followed, while four sleepers kept the rails. The engine and the cars that went off the track were badly smashed, and soon took fire from the stoves. Engineer LITTLE and Fireman EAGAN crawled out from under the locomotive badly bruised and scalded. The baggageman had a leg broken. All passengers in the sleepers got out uninjured, except by slight bruises. In one of the day coaches thirteen people were penned in and literally burned to cinders. Many others were injured, by the severe shaking. Only three persons escaped from this car. The whole train, with the exception of one sleeper, which they were unable to uncouple and draw away, was burned up.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1886-11-05

article | by Dr. Radut