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Delavan, WI Train Wreck, Sept 1860 - 5 Killed, 25 Wounded

Collision on the Racine and Mississippi Road - Five Persons Killed and Twenty-five Wounded.

CHICAGO, Saturday, Sept. 15.

The 4:30 P. M. passenger train on the Racine and Mississippi Railroad, going from Racine to Freeport, was run into last night at Delavan, Wisconsin, by a freight train, which had flagged from Racine.

Five passengers were killed and twenty-five wounded, some, it is feared, fatally.

The names of the killed by the collision are as follows:

Mr. BAKER, produce dealer, of Delavan, Wisconsin.
Mrs. DAVIS, of Sharon.
A son of Mr. CATLIN,
And a son of Mr. STOPFUL, of Delavan.

The train had on board a large party of excursionists, returning from a County Fair at Elkhorn, several of whom were seriously injured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Oct 1860

article | by Dr. Radut