Seattle, WA Service Men Die In Transport Crash, Nov 1955

Birth, Marriage & Death Records

Listing of the Fatalities:
EARL McGRATH, 29, of Miami, Fla., reserve pilot flying as passenger.
Sgt. 1-C H. L. BROWN, Replete, W. Va.
Sgt. R. F. HAYES, Rochester, N.Y.
Specialist 3-C E. BORDERS, Chicago, Illinois.
Col. J. PARKER, Chicago, Illinois.
Specialist 3-C A. A. ROCHLING, Akron, N.Y.
Sgt. 1-C TALMUS A. JACKSON, 31, Irvington, N.J.
Sgt. 1-C A. KAUKES, New York City, N.Y.
Pfc. D. RUSSELL, JR., Newark, N.J.
Specialist 3-C F. J. ERNST, Baltimore, Md.
Specialist 3-C P. V. BLACK, Audubon, N.J.
Cpt. J. J. CLESIAK, Philadelphia, Pa.
Pfc. W. W. WOLICK, Southwich, Mass.
Sgt. 1-C ROBERT J. CARUTH, Rockford, Illinois.
Specialist 2-C A. P. TRUITT, Burlington, N.C.
Pvt. N. T. SEALLY, Olean, N.Y.
Pvt. H. B. DUNCAN, Lake City, Tenn.
Pfc. H. MANGENO, Van Dyke, Mich.
Cpl. T. C. DILLO, Monaville, W. Va.
Pvt. W. R. ANDERSON, Mt. Bayou, Miss.
Cpl. V. L. TYLINSKI, Oak Lawn, Illinois.
Pfc. DONALD G. TUMA, 20, Two Rivers, Wis.
Pvt. C. J. SHELTON, Hutchinson, Kan.
Pvt. R. E. NOREDEN, Eonleham, Mass.
Specialist 3-C R. E. THORNTON, Troy, N.Y.
Pvt. J. A. PETERSON, Margate, N.J.
Pvt. J. K. MOORE, Sellersville, Pa.
Survivors of the Crash.
FRED HALL, first officer.
Steward ADAMS, all of Miami, Florida.
MRS. VIRGINIA McGRATH and three children, RICHARD, 8; TOM, 5; and MARY, 4. she is the wife of EARL McGRATH who perished.
Pfc. JAMES W. SMITH, 25, Frederick, Md.
SP3 ELBERT W. LEATHERMAN, 50, Cumberland, Md.
Pfc. ANDREW W. MALINARKO, 19, Johnstown, Pa.
Pfc. JAMES F. McDEVITT, 19, Williamstown, N.J.
Pvt. JOSEPH F. SIMON, 19, Philadelphia, Pa.
Pfc. C. A. LENHART, 21, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Pfc. DALE E. SHEWMATE, 20, Paris, Illinois.
Pfc. THOMAS H. VAN HORN, 21, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Cpl. HUGO WEISS, 20, New York City, N.Y.
Pfc. ROBERT E. FISCHER, 19, Mercer, Pa.
Pfc. H. L. RICKER, 20, Yarmouth, Me.
Pvt. DONALD J. JOHNSON, 20, Olean, N.Y.
Pfc. REGINALD A. LAYOFF, JR., 20, Chicago, Illinois.
Pfc. DAVID C. KENT, 29, Newburyport, Mass.
SP3 RAYMOND STALTER, East Keansburg, N.J.
Pfc. EARL EDINGER, 21, Elwood City, Pa.
SP3 RICHARD L. COON, 19, Tivoli, N.Y.
Pvt. JOHN T. JAMISON, 20, Greensburg, Pa.
Cpl. ROBERT G. OBERG, 18, Waltham, Mass.
Pfc. PETER B. TAMBURIN, 19, Wheeling, W. Va.
Pfc. JOHN THOMAS, Philadelphia, Pa.
Pfc. EUGENE SMITH, 21, Philadelphia, Pa.
SP3 JOHN PREDERGAST, Chicago, Illinois.
SP3 KENNETH UPPSTROM, Worcester, Mass.
Pfc. WILL H. QUEEN, Washington, D.C.
SP3 EVERETT H. TRAINOR, Bayville, Long Island, N.Y.
Pfc. W. R. JOHNSON, Norfolk, Va.
Cpl. ADISLIS MARICS, Island Park, N.J.
SP3 EGEREF CASEY, Chicago, Illinois.
SP3 ROBERT STEWART, New Hampshire.
Sgt. HARLON L. THOMAS, Frankfort, Ohio.
Pfc. RAYMOND W. MERO, Willsboro, N.Y.
Cpl. FELIX ST. LOUIS, Peoria, Illinois.
Pvt. RHINER E. GROENDYK, Saranac, Mich.
M/Sgt. MICHELE GUERRERA, Waterbury, Conn.
Sgt. FREDERICK W. HUDSON, 26, Joliet Road, Clay, N.Y.
S/Sgt T. J. GOSTINGER, Port Huron, Mich.



I remember this one. It came right over our extremely humble house above and south west of BFI. I'm still stunned by it.

Trig Johnston
Captain, NWA (Ret)
New River, AZ

Nov 17 '55 air crash in Seattle (Boulevard Park)

A friend claims he was driving a tow truck in the area at the time of the crash and used the truck's winch/cable to pull some of the wreckage apart, helping some of the passengers escape. Is there any printed record of this?


I was one of the three children on the plane ..My father who died in the crash was Edward McGrath. Not Earl.. I was supposedly thrown from the plane as it hit the first tree. I was found and taken to a different hospital than my mother and 2 brothers.

Hi Mary, My father Robert

Hi Mary,
My father Robert Wescott was a survivor on that plane crash. Please accept my condolences on your loss. Could you give me more information on this accident? My father was killed in Vietnam in 1969. I want to find out about him and what happened that day.
Thank you
Christine Wescott