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Vergennes, VT Train Wreck, Jun 1872


Narrow Escape of the Passengers of a Wrecked Train in Vermont.

RUTLAND, Vt., June 30.---The night express train over the Rutland division of the Vermont Central Railway, due in Rutland at about midnight, met last night with a serious accident just north of Vergennes. While passing over a narrow culvert at the rate of about thirty miles per hour the engineer felt a jar. The locomotive, however, passed in safety, but no sooner had it passed than the culvert fell in, making a most complete wreck of the train, consisting of a baggage car, New-York coach and sleeping car, and Boston coach and sleeping car. Strange to say but one person, a brakeman, was seriously injured, although all of the passengers were badly shaken up. It seems almost a miracle that many were not killed.

The New York Times, New York, NY 1 Jul 1872

article | by Dr. Radut