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Sanger, TX Auto Plunges Down Embankment, Apr 1926

Auto Runs Wild When Doctor Dies at Steering Wheel

Special to The News.

SANGER, Denton Co., Texas, April 20.---Dr. G. D. Lain, physician of Sanger, 64 years old, died while driving his car on a professional call late Sunday afternoon. Dr. Lain took his wife with him to see a patient and was stricken with heart failure without a moment's warning about two miles west of town. The car plunged down an embankment, struck a wire fence, climbed back on the embankment and plunged down the other side, struck another wire fence, broke down several posts and finally lodging against a telephone post. The car was only directly damaged and Mrs. Lain was uninjured.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 21 Apr 1926

article | by Dr. Radut