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Mexia, TX Tornado, Apr 1904

Wrecked By Wind
Several Residences and Negro Cabins Demolished By The Wind On Sunday.

Call For Physician
Family of A. C. SHANKS at Yell-dell Injured In The Falling House.

Havoc Wrought in That Community, Second Cyclone Within a Few Weeks in the Same Locality.

Special to the News.

Mexia, Tex, April 25 – About a dozen residences and negro cabins were demolished by a cyclone in Freestone County Sunday afternoon at 6 o’clock. The cloud was seen forming about 5:50 and moving in a northeasterly direction. About one hour later a boy rode into town in the rain after a physician to attend the family of A. C. SHANKS, whose house was demolished at Yeldell, six miles northeast of Mexia.

This was the first place the cyclone struck. It moved on down through the same community to Nip and Tuck settlement, and there wrought havoc with the residences of DR. BATCHLER, GEORGE WOLF, R. M. BAKER and several others whose names have not yet been learned. It was in this settlement so many negro cabins were destroyed.

W. E. BONNER of Mexia and his daughter, MISS LILLIAN were driving to MR. BONNER’S farm in Freestone County, saw the storm coming and drove to an old barn for safety. The barn was blown away and MR. BONNER’S buggy was blown through a wire fence, but neither MR. BONNER nor his daughter was hurt.

The cyclone was accompanied by a heavy rain.

This is the second cyclone in Limestone and Freestone Counties within a few weeks’ time, both of which did considerable damage to growing crops, as well as destroying lives and property, and will be much larder on the people on account of last year’s clop failure and the rigid economy being practiced by those whose property is a clear loss.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 26 Apr 1904


Woman Fatally Injured.

Houses Were Reduced to Kindling Wood at Mexia, Texas, and One Woman Will Die.

Houston, Texas, April 25 – A tornado passed through three miles east of Mexia, Texas, today, demolishing the houses of A. B. SHANKS, R. B. BAKER, GEN. WOLF and DR. BACHELOR.

JENNIE SHANKS was probably fatally injured and all of the members of the SHANKS family were hurt. ED BOONER and his daughter were blown from a carriage and seriously hurt.

The Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 26 Apr 1904

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