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Sherman, TX Tornado, May 1896 - No More Bodies Found


Search Along the Track of the Tornado - Victims Interred.

Sherman, Texas, May 17. - No more bodies have been found in the track of the tornado today, although many thousands have followed it from one end to the other. There have been but two deaths at the hospitals in the last twenty-four hours, Miss Sophia Pierce and Mattie Lake, colored. Interment of the storm victims was made today at the following cemeteries respectively: Miss Pierce and Mattie Lake, at West Hill; Mrs. M. Tyman, at St. Mary's; Rev. J. D. Shearer and wife, at Mount Ararat. Sympathetic visitors to the cemeteries have fairly covered the graves of the victoms [sic] with flowers today.

Rev. B. F. Wilson, chairman of the relief committee, was this afternoon informed by Sister Superior of St. Joseph's Convent that she had instructions from Bishop Dunne of the Diocese of Dallas to turn the convent into a hospital, and do all she could to alleviate the suffering of the wounded. Chairman Wilson wired his grateful acknowledgements of the great kindness of the Bishop, stating, however, that adequate hospital room was already provided.

Religious services were generally abandoned today, the clergy and their respective congregations being busily engaged in the hospitals.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 18 May 1896

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