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Sherman, TX Courthouse Square Fire, May 1886

The Fire Record.

At Sherman, Tex.

Sherman, May 26.-At half past 10 o’clock this morning the platform in the rear of Eubank & Co.’s wholesale grocery establishment, on the east side of the courthouse square, was discovered to be on fire. Several citizens noticing the commotion ran in and with a liberal dashing of water managed to put the fire out before any great damage was occasioned. It is thought that the blaze was caused by flying sparks from trash fire which had been kindled in the alleyway by another firm in the block.

This fire had hardly been quieted down when the alarm bells took up a fearful clatter and the central office announced that the residence of J.L. Randolph, corner of King and Travis, was in flames. The fire department answered as quickly as possible, and the engine was soon stationed at the cistern on Crockett Street, not over a block from the burning building, but owing to the time consumed in raising steam, the blaze, which was insignificant, when the hose was first stretched to the house, was beyond control by the rime the first water was thrown upon it. There was no one in the house at the time, with the exception of the servant girl, and she has no distinct idea how it originated, although there is little doubt about its having been caused by a defective flue. All of the household effects were saved. The loss amounts to about $3000, partially covered by insurance.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 27 May 1886

article | by Dr. Radut