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Houtzdale, PA Fire, May 1875

Houtzdale, a town of 900 inhabitants, six miles from Osceola, is reported entirely destroyed. The fire is spreading through the woods beyond Houtzdale. At latest accounts the fire has reached Parsonville, a small town six miles from Houtzdale. The ties on the railroad from Osceola to Houtzdale are burned so that coal can not be shipped for some time. Provisions have been sent from homes in the vicinity, and a meeting will be held to raise funds.

Decatur Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 22 May 1875


Sheriff McPherson left Houlzdale at 4 p.m. The reports at that hour were that fourteen houses were burned there and the conflagration was raging terribly. There is no escape for the town, every communication being cut off by the fire through the woods. At this writing Hoop & Humes, Taylor & Mashannon, lumber companies; Heill's big mill and Elliott & Caldwell, lumber saw mills; Crawford's foundry and 30,000,000 feet of lumber were destroyed. ... The miners who were on a strike are reported as working diligently to save Houtzdale.

Steubenville Daily Herald and News, Steubenville, OH 21 May 1875


The fire spread to the mountains surrounding [Osceola] burning houses, timber, railroad tracks and extending to a town of 900 inhabitants, called Hautzdale, some miles distant from Osceola, which it is reported has also been partially burnt.

From Houtzdale it is stated that only fourteen houses were burned at that place, but owing to the high wind the fire was raging fiercely in that vicinity.

The Herald And Torch Light, Hagerstown, MD, 26 May 1875

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