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Thompsontown, PA Train Accident, Jan 1904

Slippery Rails Blamed for the Accident at Thompsontown.

It is said the slippery condition of the rails had much to do with the wreck at Thompsontown yesterday morning, when an empty engine in charge of HARRY H. THOMAS crashed into the rear sleeper of fast line, exclusive mention of which was made in the Mirror.

At Vandyke Engineer THOMAS was given the white signal and entered the block at what was cinsidered a safe distance to the rear of the sleeper train. At Thompsontown the express train experienced some trouble and was compelled to stop. The engine coming up in the rear was flagged, but slthough the emergency brakes were applied the engine slid on until it struck the sleeper.

Altoona Mirror Pennsylvania 1904-01-28


Fast Line Met With An Accident at Thompsontown Early This Morning

Passenger train No. 4, fast line east, which leaves Altoona at 1:05 a. m. but was running late this morning, met with an accident at 5:20 o'clock, just west of Thompsontown, ninety-four miles east of Altoona. The train had stopped for some reason and empty engine No. 1969, running as second No. 4, ran into the rear sleeper, Colon, of the first section. The sleeper was badly damaged and it and the coach ahead derailed. ABRAHAM McDONALD, of Freedom, Pa., a passenger in one of the wrecked cars, was cut in the head. The other passengers escaped injury.

The pony wheels of the engine which chased into the express were derailed, and Engineer THOMAS was cut on the shoulder. The injured men were taken to Harrisburg on No. 4.

Assistant Passenger Trainmaster MADDEN, of Harrisburg, was taken to the scene of the accident on No. 11, the fast mail, which arrived in Altoona an hour behind time.

The railroad officials are investigating the cause of the wreck. The blame lays with the operator in PN tower or the engineer of No. 1969.

Altoona Mirror Pennsylvania 1914-01-27

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