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Pittsburgh, PA Trolley Car Wreck, Jan 1902


Three People Meet Sudden Death Near Pittsburg.

Pittsburg, Jan. 30. --- Three persons were killed, two fatally hurt and a score of others more of less injured by two runaway cars on the Monongahela branch of the Pittsburg Railway Company last night. The dead are:
JOHN McFADDEN and MARY KINKAID of East McKeesport and ROBERT TRUSH, conductor.

The seriously injured are:
CHARLES WRIGHT, motorman, arms broken, hurt internally, will die;
ALEXANDER SANDERS, colored, both legs broken, will die;
JAMES F. RYNE, motorman, severely cut and bruised;
FRANK SMALL, leg broken in two places, badly cut;
THOMAS CAMPBELL, teller Farmers National bank, Pittsburg, cut and bruised all over body, and
JACOB SMITH, severely cut about head.

The accident happened at the foot of the long hill running into Wildmerding from McKeesport. A car without passengers got beyond control of the motorman and dashed down the hill, one and a quarter miles long, at a terrific speed. At the bottom it jumped into the Pennsylvania railroad station, carrying away the side of the station and tearing up the platform.

A large crowd gathered about the wreck and twelve minutes later a second runaway came tearing down the hill and plowing into the crowd with death-dealing force. On the way down the hill the second car struck a carriage containing JAMES BROWN and LIZZIE MINNER, on their way to McKeesport to be married. The carriage was completely wrecked and the driver, ALEXANDER SANDERS, was fatally hurt.

The young couple escaped with comparatively slight injuries and later were married.
A blinding sleet storm prevailed at the time and it is said the two cars skated down the hill with brakes tightly set.

Glenwood Post Colorado 1902-02-01

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