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Pittsburgh, PA Torpedo Company Explosion, Nov 1888


Much Damage to Surrounding Property, But No One Hurt.

PITTSBURG, Nov. 5.----A nitro-glycerine magazine belonging to the Torpedo Company, of Delaware, and situated near Shannopin, Pa., an oil town twelve miles from here, exploded at an early hour this morning. Much damage was done to surrounding property, but no one was hurt.

There were between two and three tons of glycerine in the magazine, and the concussion shook the very foundations of houses between Rochester and Pittsburg. The earth was torn up for a distance of 500 yards, trees an eighth of a mile away were rent asunder, and many houses were wrecked. The residences of George and William Wilson and Thomas McCoy, situated a half mile away, were completely shattered and the occupants thrown through the windows. Fortunately they were not seriously injured.

The force of the explosion was felt within a radius of more than twenty miles. The cause of the explosion has not been ascertained. One theory is that the explosion was either accidental or caused intentionally to cover up the crime.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 6 Nov 1888

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