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Wellsboro, PA Coles House Hotel Fire, Mar 1906


Zero Weather Caused Great Suffering Among the Firemen Guests Had Ample Warning and All Escaped.

Loss $25,000

The Coles House, one of Wellsboro’s leading hotels, was destroyed by fire at an early hour yesterday. A defective flue is supposed to have been the cause and the loss will be about $25,000.

The water pressure was only sufficient to reach the third floor so the firemen were powerless until the fourth floor was burned off the building. The guests had ample warning and all escaped. The thermometer was below zero and the firemen suffered intensely from the cold. The insurance was $10,000. On the building and $4,000 on its contents.

Daily Gazette and Bulletin, Williamsport, Pa 24 Mar 1906

article | by Dr. Radut