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Ohiopyle, PA Train Wreck, May 1907


Caboose and Two Cars Were Smashed to Pieces Near Ohiopyle on Saturday.

A freight wreck in which a caboose and two cars were smashed to pieces and several trainmen narrowly escaped serious injury, occurred at Ohiopyle yesterday. Conductor Joe Zipp was in the caboose at the time of the accident and received a bad cut on the head. His train had been flagged and had just started out when another freight with Engineer George Rote at the throttle crashed into it.

The engineer shut his engine off as quickly as possible, but not before it had gone through the caboose and smashed two cars in the rear of the train. Conductor Zipp is a Johnstown man. He has been running on the Connellsville division. Traffic was not delayed by the smashup.

The Courier, Connellsville, PA 12 May 1907

article | by Dr. Radut