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Prospect Station, PA Train Plunges Off Bridge, Dec 1872

Etching Of The Train Disaster




Erie, Penn., Dec. 25 -- 1 A. M. -- A fearful accident occurred yesterday afternoon on the Cross-cut Railroad, at Prospect Station. One coach and the baggage-car fell off a bridge twenty-seven feet high, caused by a broken flange on the tender. Twenty-two persons were killed and eighteen wounded. The name of the killed, as far as can be ascertained are:
EDWIN BELL, of Sherman, N. Y.
CON. MALONEY, of Brocton.
MARK HAIGHT, of Brocton, N. Y.
FRANK TAYLOR, of Corry, Penn.
ELIZA SEELEY, of Ripley, N. Y.
_____ JOHNSON, of Westfield, N. Y.
The wounded are:
MAGGIE CURTIN, of Titusville.
MRS. J. W. CURTIN, of Titusville.
GEORGE MILLER, of Fredonia.
J. J. BARTIS, of Dunkirk, N. Y.
W. H. LEE, of Corry, Penn.
JACOB BURTON, of Irving, N. Y.
W. H. TICKNER, of Buffalo.
LIZZIE BRIGGS, of Angola, N. Y.
P. P. SANDERS, of Corry.
J. A. DUNHAM, of Pleasantville, Penn.
E. Z. BACON, of Brocton, N. Y.
The cars fell bottom upward, and the weight of the trucks crushed them in. There was no way of escape for the imprisoned passengers. The cars immediately took fire, but there was no water to extinguish the flames and only two axes could be procured to chop the cars to pieces. In this situation some twenty-five persons were roasted alive, filling the air for nearly an hour with their dying shrieks for aid. It is believed several of those rescued will die of their injuries.
Note By Operator -- At 3 A. M. nothing additional to the list of killed and wounded has been received of the railroad disaster in Pennsylvania, and we are obliged to close without a complete list.

The New York Times New York 1872-12-25

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