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Sonestown, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1904


Engineer and Fireman Killed In a Wreck on Eaglesmere Railroad.

Williamsport, Pa., Feb. 6.-In a wreck on the Eaglesmere railroad ENGINEER G. T. SIMMONS was killed instantly and CHARLES DARLING, the fireman, died of his injuries several hours later at Sonestown. The mixed train bound for Eaglesmere was ascending the mountain, when from some unaccountable reason the engine left the track about a mile above Sonestown, rolling down the bank about 30 feet and on top of the engineer, breaking his neck. The fireman was found fatally hurt alongside the engine and taken to Sonestown. No passenger cars left the track. Both men leave families, and Fireman Darling was a brother of the men killed a year ago near Laporte.

The News, Frederick, MD 6 Feb 1904

article | by Dr. Radut