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Glen Loch, PA Train Derails On "Sagging" Bridge, Dec 1912




Bridge Said to Have Sagged, Causing Train to Part and Be Derailed -- Steel Corporation Official is Among the Injured -- Others Hurt.

Four persons were killed and 50 injured when the Cincinnati Express on the Pennsylvania railroad was derailed at Glen Loch, 25 miles west of Philadelphia on Wednesday night. The wreck occurred at 10:49. The train was bound west and its passengers included many Western Pennsylvanians who were returning home to spend Thanksgiving.
A bridge is said to have sagged, causing the train to part. Eight cars went down a high embankment. Steel construction of the coaches prevented the death list from being greater.
The dead are:
GEORGE B. FINLEY, 46 years old, general manager of the West Virginia Pittsburg Coal Company.
JOHN COLLINS, 28 years old, sales manager for the same concern, both being residents of Pittsburg.
HOWARD L. BALDWIN and EDWIN R. JONES, Pullman conductors of New York.
The list of injured included R. B. PEACOCK, a son of A. R. PEACOCK of Pittsburg: D. G. KERR, Vice President of the United States Steel Corporation, MRS. KERR and MISS H. L. KERR: J. W. LEONARD, of Washington, Pa.: STEPHEN MERHENZE, of East Brownsville: B. R. BAKER, of Tarr: HENRY DISCHAFF, of Lucesco, Washington county: C. D. COOPER, Vandergraft: B. KLEE, Cannonsburg: F. H. SINCLAIRE, Lucesco, Washington county: and A. L. WALTER, of Somerset.
DR. J. MELVIN SMITH of Philadelphia a brother of T. H. SMITH, of Dunbar township, was on the train, accompanied by his wife and child. They were coming to Fayette county to spend Thanksgiving, but returned to Philadelphia. DR. SMITH wired that he escaped injury. He is one of the Pennsylvania railroad's surgeons.
The injured were taken to West Chester and Harrisburg for treatment. Wrek[sic] trains were sent out from Philadelphia and Lancaster.
ALBERT L. WALTER, of Somerset, formerly of Connellsville, is so badly injured that he cannot recover, physicians say. He is in the West Chester hospital with internal injuries and a fractured leg. "AL" WALTER is widely known in this section, having for years been employed as a bartender at the Smith House.
ARTHUR REED JONES, of Wilkinsburg, who was imprisoned under a car for seven hours and then released and taken to the Coatesville hospital, was reported today in a serious condition. There are today 17 injured at the West Chester hospital, one in the Coatesville and one at Harrisburg.

The Weekly Courier Connellsville Pennsylvania 1912-12-05

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