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Shamokin, PA Trolley Wreck, Aug 1906


Motorman’s Legs Badly Crushed and Another Man Injured

By Associated Press
Shamokin, Pa., August 14. Two cars on the Shamokin Extension Trolley line collided head-on near Uniontown tonight. Lewis Latsha, motorman, had legs crushed so badly that they will have to be amputated. Irvin Campbell, another employe [sic], was seriously injured by jumping. A number of passengers were badly shaken up.

Daily Gazette and Bulletin, Williamsport, PA 15 Aug 1906



Motorman Lost a Leg by Collision With Superintendent’s Car

Sunbury, December 13.—A jury in Northumberland County Court Thursday gave Lewis Latchaw, of Uniontown, a verdict of $9,000 in a $40,000 damage suit against a trolley company. The company appealed for a new trial.

Two years ago. Latshaw was employed as motorman by the company. On the first day’s run he was being taught his duties when a car operated by Superintendent Jerome Reed, collided with the one Latchaw was on. One of his legs was cut off and the other badly crippled.

He alleged the accident was caused by the company’s negligence, claiming Reed ran on the Uniontown branch without orders.

Daily Gazette and Bulletin, Williamsport, PA 14 Dec 1907


--Lewis Latshaw was awarded $9,000 by a jury in civil suit against the Shamokin and Edgewood Trolley Company. He sued for $40,000. Two years Latshaw was taught the duties of a motorman for the company, when a car running wild collided with his. One of his legs was cut off and the other badly injured.

The Wellsboro Agitator, Wellsboro, PA 18 Dec 1907

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