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Eddington, PA Train Collision, Sep 1906




By Associated Press.
Philadelphia, Sept. 29. -- Running at great speed against a signal set up against it, and a flagman who was wildly waving a warning to the engineer of danger ahead, the New York express train bound for Philadelphia on the New York division of the Pennsylvania railroad crashed into a stalled Long Branch express at Eddington today, with the result that three persons are dead and forty injured, several of whom are believed to be fatally hurt.
That more persons were not killed is considered remarkable, as three of the cars of the Long Branch train are completely telescoped.
The dead:
MRS. W. H. CONNELL, wife of flagman of freight train of New York division, about forty years old. Body badly mangled, taken to Rue's establishment at Bristol. A trip pass on the Pennsylvania railroad between Philadelphia and Trenton was found in the woman's pocket.
MARY CRONIN, 3511 Darien Street, Philadelphia; fractured left leg, right leg amputated; died in Presbyterian Hospital.
MARY A. O'MALLEY, about sixty years old. Body taken to the undertaking establishment of Deputy Coroner Rue, Bristol. A book of the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society was found on her person.
The injured, as given out by the Pennsylvania Railroad, are:
MARY HALE, colored, 1258 Arctic Avenue, Atlantic City, N.J., University Hospital, body badly injured.
J. H. CASWELL, Lincoln Hotel, Washington, D.C.
University Hospital; fracture of right wrist.
MISS RACHAEL TAYLOR, St. Joseph's Hospital, Red Bank, N.J.; contusions of body. She was on her way to visit her father, who is ill, and it is feared the accident may prove too great a shock to him.
Those who went home were:
J. J. CONWAY, Summer Street, Central Falls, R. I.; sprained back.
MRS. J. W. GILLIATT, South Orleans, Mass.; right side and right leg contusion.
EGBERT T. RUSH, Stockton, N.J.; contusion of right leg and left hand.
THOMAS SCOTT, 1616 Carter's Avenue, Providence, R.I., sprained back.
MISS MARGARET KRATZ, New Britain, Pa., stopping at 110 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia, contusions left arm.
ROSA J. LOWERY, Downingtown, Pa., daughter of employe, contusions both shoulders and hips.
MRS. I WETHERBEE, Trenton, sprained back.
MISS N. JEWELL, 213 East Hanover Street, Trenton, right side bruised.
MRS. F. HICKS, colored, Bellaire Mountain, Pa., temporary stopping place Edgewood, Md., right side sprained.
MRS. J. LEFFORD, McVeytown, Pa., sprained back.

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