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West Conshochocken, PA Mine Fire, May 1902


Miss Katie Henderson Warns Quarry Workers Just in Time.

Norristown, Pa., May 13.---The presence of mind of Miss Katie Henderson saved thirty men employed in the quarries at West Conshochocken from death or injury. Miss Henderson resides a short distance from the quarry and as she looked from a window she saw that the roof of the powder magazine was blazing. The men at work in the quarry were not aware of their danger until she ran to the quarry and she warned them not a second too soon.

While the men and Miss Henderson were fleeing for their lives there was a terrible explosion. The air was filled with splinters, stones and dirt which showered upon their heads In the magazine which exploded there were thirty kegs of powder and 300 pounds of dynamite. Nothing but a hole in the ground marks the place where the powder house stood.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 14 May 1902

article | by Dr. Radut