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Rankin, PA Street Car Derailment, Jan 1904


Street Car Jumps Track and Plunges Down Embankment

An east-bound car on the Rankin and Swissvale branch of the Pittsburg Railways company jumped the track at Third street and Kenmawr avenue, Rankin. It plunged over a 25-foot embankment, and in the resulting wreck 20 of the 23 passengers were injured. An official statement issued by the company puts the number of passengers at not more than 19 and the number of injured at 15. Medical attention was rendered, however, to the larger number.
Three of the injured may die. All of these were employes of the company: SAMUEL CALLAHAN, a motorman; P. C. STARKEY, a conductor; and JOHN FRAZIER, a conductor.
The car left the track at a sharp curve. The rails were slippery from the rain, and although a safety stop is always made just before cars reach the curve the brakes refused to work last night. The result was that car 1057 hit the curve at a much higher rate of speed than it had been running a moment before.
When the car left the track it leaped to the curbstone, a distance of about 10 feet, tore down a fence surmounting the stone wall along Kenmawr avenue, plunged over the wall and down the 25-foot embankment.

The Indiana Democrat Pennsylvania 1904-01-27

article | by Dr. Radut