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Sand Hollow, PA Three Train Collision, Jan 1902


In the Railroad Smash-Up at Sand Hollow -- Three Trains Come Together with Awful Results -- A Number Are Seriously Injured.

Johnstown, Pa., Jan. 4 -- Three men were killed and four seriously injured in a wreck on the Pennsylvania road a half mile west of Sand Hollow last night. Two trains were in the smash-up, No. 14, a fast mail eastbound, ran into the rear end of a freight train ahead of it blocking all four tracks. This wreck had hardly occurred when a fast westbound freight train chashed[sic] inito the wreck. The engine and a dozen cars went down the bank into the Conemaugh river and carried the engineer and fireman and a brakeman with them. The dead are:
MERLE PAUL, engineer of the westbound freight.
JAMES NOLAN, fireman of the westbound train.
Engineer JAMES BLACK, taken from Connemaugh river, though[sic] to have been drowned.
The injured are JAMES WINTERS, engineer of the eastbound freight, arm broken; JOHN GALLAGHER, brakeman on the eastbound freight train, leg broken; brakeman of the westbound freight name unknown, badly scalded.
Four other trainmen were injured and were sent to Pittsburg.
It is the first wreck of serious character on the Pennsylvania in some time. The cause was a mistake in train orders.

The Marion Daily Star Ohio 1902-01-04


One of the Victims Was a Resident of This County.

A frightful wreck occurred on Friday night,near Seward station, which resulted in the death of four railroaders and injuring a number of others. The fast mail and express train running west dashed into a freight east of Seward. Both trains were badly wrecked by the collision and a number of the trainmen were buried beneath the wreckage. Before anyone had time to get away from the wreck to flag approaching trains a west-bound freight, in charge of Engineer JAMES BLACK and Fireman WM. PAUL, running at a high rate of speed, came around the curve and ran into the wreck. Cars and engines were piled high in the air and shortly afterwards toppled over into the Conemaugh river. Both Engineer BLACK and Fireman PAUL were found dead on their engine, but it is not known whether they were killed or drowned, as the engine was buried in the river. The other victims were C. C. PETERSON, of Derry, conductor of the freight, and Brakeman NOLAN, of Wall.
Fireman WILLIAM PAUL is a resident of this county and is a son of MRS. MARY PAUL, of Penn Run. He was married only about six months ago and his wife is living at Pitcairn. He was aged about 25 years.

The Indiana Progress Pennsylvania 1902-01-08

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