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Eagles Nest Pt., ON (Lake Superior) Steamer NEEBING Wreck, Sep 1937




Red Rock, Ontario -- (Canadian Press) -- Deaths in the ship disaster in Nipigon Straits, where the steamer Neebing foundered, were increased to six today when JAMES KEENAN, of Port Arthur, died in a hospital.
Search parties, assisted by several members of the Neebing's crew who were rescued after drifting for several hours when the vessel sank yesterday morning, searched the shores of Nipigon Straits for bodies of the five who drowned.
KEENAN, second engineer of the Neebing, suffered a fractured skull when high seas swamped the ship. He was brought ashore with nine others of the crew.
The Neebing went down in about 100 feet of water near Moss Island. An attempt may be made to raise her.

Fifteen Aboard.
Treacherous Nipigon Straits today held the bodies of five persons, plunged to their deaths when a southeast gale lashed the steamship Neebing until it keeled over and disappeared.
A sixth victim of the catastrophe died in a hospital here today.
Fifteen persons were aboard the ill-fated craft, owned by the Simac Lines of Montreal, as it towed the barge Couteau with a gravel cargo. The vessel was bound from Paradise Island to Red Rock, near Nipigon on Nipigon Bay in Lake Superior.
Capt. A. L. CARNEY of Port Arthur went down with his wrecked ship. Others who died were
T. J. BECHENCKE, chief engineer, of Fort William; W. SMITH, fireman, Fort William; RAY PATERSON, cook, Port Arthur; and MRS. RAY PATERSON, cook's helper.

Dies In Hospital.
JAMES KEENAN, Port Arthur, second engineer, who suffered a fractured skull when the ship was swamped, died in a Port Arthur hospital today.
As it moved into the gale from the shelter of Moss Island the Neebing faltered. The gale whipped the waters about her until a huge wave struck. The battering finally shot the Neebing, a 1,100-ton vessel built in Toledo, O., in 1892, to the bottom.
So suddenly was the ship swamped the crew had no time to launch lifeboats. MRS. PATERSON, lone woman aboard, and the four other victims apparently were trapped below deck by the onrushing waters from the storm-tossed straits.
Survivors who succeeded in gaining safety aboard the barge which was cut loose from the sinking Neebing were OLLIE KONODERKA, 33-year-old barge captain; P. B. MEDWID, mate; M. LUCAS, wheelsman; B. LEWIS, wheelsman; J. PAGE, deckhand; S. BOLYK, deckhand; WILLIAM SHEWCHUK, deckhand; H. HARMAN, fireman; A. BASSETT, oiler; F. COLOSIMO, derrick operator.

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Wisconsin 1937-09-25


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Mr. B. Lewis in the article

Mr. B. Lewis in the article should read Mr. B. Lewinski.

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