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Fayetteville, NY Downtown Fire, June 1852


The village of Fayetteville, Onondaga Co., was visited by a disastrous conflagration on Tuesday last. It broke out in the premises of MR. A. JENCKS, on the west side of Mill street, and entirely destroyed it, together with a number of the adjoining buildings. The losses are as follows:
B. C. & H. BEARD, store and buildings, $1,500; lumber, &c., in yard, $1,000; goods in store, $8,000. Goods insured in Madison Co. Stock Co., $5,000.
A. F. GILMOR, building, (tin shop,) $600, tools and stock, $1,000. No insurance.
ODD FELLOWS; loss by destruction of Hall in GILMOR'S building, $300. No insurance.
ECKER & GETTY, tailor shop and store, $200. Clothing saved. No insurance.
A. VAN SLYK, harness shop and building, $500; stock in shop, &c. $400. Insured, building, $350, harness stock $200, in Essex and Clinton Mutual.
J. C. ROGERS, house and tailor shop, $600; furniture, $200. Insured, on house $400 and on furniture $200, in the U.S. Mutual, West Potsdam.
D. A. GRIFFIN and others, building $500.
D. A. GRIFFIN, harness stock, $200.
PLATT Brothers, meat market, $150.
S. D. LUCE, law books, $100; also valuable papers.
J. N. MEAD, Justice of the Peace, lost all his books and papers. No insurance.
J. & D. H. DECKER, building, $1,000; cabinet ware tools, $1,300. Insurance on building, in National Protection, $300, in Madison Co. Mutual, $300, on furniture, in Essex and Clinton, $400.
In same building, M. BROWN, boots, shoes and stock, $400.
O.D. BLANCHARD, stock and work, $125.
L. WRIGHT, furniture, $40.
A. JENCKS, building, $500.
HIGBY & WILLIAMS, stock and tools, $600. No insurance.
J. McVICCAR, building, $800. Insured in Essex and Clinton Mutual, $400.
Three families, ALLEN, ESPENHEIM and FULLER lost small quantities of furniture.

The New York Times New York 1852-07-02

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