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New York, NY Fire On Broadway, Jan 1888


New York, Jan. 31. -- Broadway was visited at 5:45 o'clock yesterday morning by the most fierce and disastrous fire that has occurred in the great thoroughfare for fifteen years. In one and one-half hours, despite the sending out of a general call for fire apparatus, four immense business houses were destroyed and others seriously damaged. The total loss is estimated at $1,500,000.

The fire was discovered by a policeman in the basement of Nos. 549 and 551 Broadway, occupied by HENRY ROGERS. The officer sent in an alarm, which was soon followed by a general alarm. The flames made rapid progress, eating their way to the roof in a few minutes and driving the firemen to the adjoining buildings. Seeing that the structure was doomed, they turned their attention to the surrounding property. The flames were soon seen issuing from No. 553, and spread rapidly. A few minutes after, a terrific explosion occurred, followed by a shower of bricks and iron, which fell into the street. Assistant Foreman REDLEY was buried underneath the debris and fatally hurt. A number of firemen received trifling injuries. No. 547 next began to burn, and soon was a mass of flames from cellar to roof and the upper floors of No. 545 were burning. The flames were kept from spreading to buildings on the opposite side of the street. At eight o'clock the fire was finally gotten under control.

The firms who lose by the fire are as follows:
No. 535 Broadway -- ROBERTSON & KAUFMAN, trimmings -- P. K. WILSON, laces -- STERN, FALK & CO., clothing -- M. KALEMPER, linings.
No. 547 Broadway -- F. BIANCHI, feathers and flowers.
Nos. 545 and 551 -- HENRY ROGERS, fancy goods -- J. L. LIBBY & CO., clothing -- VEITH & WILSON, fancy goods -- C. A. YOST, clothing -- MABLINSON & CO., clothing.
No. 553 -- JERKOWSKI & ERNEST, clothing -- MITCHELL & PICARD, clothing -- LOUIS METZGER, importer.

Later estimates made the loss by Monday morning's fire fully $2,000,000. At 9:30 the flames again broke out fiercely and many engines had to be called back. By hard work the fire was confined to the five gutted buildings, 547, 549, 551, 553 and 555 Broadway.

The Elyria Democrat Ohio 1888-02-02

article | by Dr. Radut