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New York, NY Trolley Car Wreck, Nov 1893


A Six-year-old Brooklyn Boy Killed---Two Men Lose an Eye Each.

William Young, a compositor, living at 176 Concord Street, Brooklyn, was run over and killed at the corner of Duffield and Concord Streets, yesterday afternoon, by trolley car No. 29 of the Atlantic Avenue Railroad Company running on the Park Avenue Line.

The child was playing in the street with a number of companions when they started to run ahead of a car which was swiftly coming down the grade at that place. All but Willie Young crossed in safety, he being caught and crushed beneath the wheels.

The child's body was wedged so tightly underneath the wheels that the firemen from Fire Engine No. 6 were compelled to lift the car off the track to get the body out. The body was mangled beyond recognition.

The child's mother was sitting by a window and saw him killed. She rushed into the street and tried to drag him from beneath the wheels of the car, which was dragging the body along over the paving stones. She was restrained by the neighbors.

The car was in charge of Henry Hulse, motorman, of 350 Fifteenth Street, and Patrick McVey, conductor, of 349 Union Street. They were both arrested and locked up.

While Thomas King and his brother Cornelius, both of 72 Front Street, Brooklyn, were riding in a vendor's wagon on lower Fulton Street last night Trolley Car No. 757 of the Myrtle Avenue line struck their conveyance and knocked them both headlong into the gutter. Each of the men lost and eye---Thomas losing his left and Cornelius his right eye.

The New York Times, New York, NY 26 Nov 1893

article | by Dr. Radut