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New York, NY Auto Monorail Wreck Nov 1912

While crossing the tracks of the monorail system of the Pelham Park and City Island Railway in his touring car. Andrew J. Connick, 60 years old, a tailor of 244 Fifth Avenue, with a town residence at 328 West Seventy-second Street, was badly injured when the machine was struck by a monorail car. The machine was tossed twenty feet. Connick's chaufeur, Frederick Brook, and his son, Andrew J. Connick, Jr., 24 years old, were both badly shaken up.
Patrolman Jones, who was in a near-by police booth, summoned an ambulance from Fordham Hospital, and Dr. Donohue removed the injured man to the hospital, saying he was suffering from inetrnal[sic] injuries, shock, and bruises about the head and body.
The machine was running along New Rochelle Road, but in the dense fog the approaching monorail car could not be seen. The machine was half way across the track when the car, headed for Bartow, struck it. Connick and his son, who were riding in the tonneau, were thrown out. The son was stunned for a minute, but soon regained consciousness, and, aided by the passengers, attempted to revive his father. There were no arrests.
The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Nov 1911

article | by Dr. Radut