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New York, NY Harlem River Front Fire Aug 1909


Sash and Blind Factory on the Harlem Burned---Oil Tanks Menaced.

A fire which started in the sash and blind factory of Hogan & Di Genno at 57 East 135th and 136th Streets, on the Harlem River front. The fire burned out the sash and blind factory and then spread to the four-story coal chute of Sperry & Popham and to the stable of J. Farley at 47 East 135th Street, where it was checked.

Besides the land fire-fighting machinery the fireboats Lawrence and McClellan responded to the alarm, and did much to ward off the flames from two oil tanks of the Pure Oil Company, which were threatened.

The horses in the stable were all gotten out in good time. The sash and blind factory was practically destroyed, and the coal chute and livery stable were badly damaged. The loss was about $25,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Aug 1909

article | by Dr. Radut