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Manchester, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1911

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Many Injured Near Death After Manchester (N. Y.) Disaster.

Twenty-seven persons are dead, half a dozen more lie at death's door and seventy others crowd hospital wards from Canandaigua to Rochester, according to latest figures, as the result of the wreck of Lehigh Valley train No. 4, eastbound, behind two powerful locomotives on a trestle spanning Canandaigua outlet at Manchester, N. Y.
A ninety pound rail on the 400 foot bridge shattered in seventeen pieces and showing defects in manufacture, marked the weak spot, investigators say, and explains the cause of the disaster.
So far, twenty-two of the twenty-seven persons who met death among the twisted and splintered mass of wreckage fifty feet below the trestle have been identified. Four of them are at Rochester. The other twenty-two lie in the Shortsville morgue in rows of rough pine boxes awaiting identification or transportation for burial.
Approximate lists of the injured place the total at sixty-nine.
Steps looking to the usual rigid investigation have already been taken by the public service commission, coroners and other officials, who have workers on the scene.
A staff of sixteen undertakers worked all night embalming bodies and in removing, where possible, the scars made by the wreck.
The place selected for a morgue was ill adapted for this purpose. It was in the basement of a country furniture store and was about fifty feet long and twenty-five feet wide, the walls cluttered up with stock. In the extreme front a small space was afforded for the handling of the bodies. As fast as they were brought in they were taken one at a time and placed side by side on wire cots, and as they soon filled the cellar in many cases two bodies were placed on one cot.
Coroner Eiseline is holding the inquest in Shortsville. He has issued subpoenaes[sic] for the train crew, railroad track inspectors, passengers and eye witnesses.

Ogdensburg Advance and St. Lawrence Weekly Democrat New York 1911-08-31


List of the Dead
A revised list of the dead follows.
In Rochester morgue:
Unknown Woman, died at Hahnemann hospital this morning.
W. P. RUNDLE, Easton, Pa., died this morning.
HARRY BEAKER, trainman, Waverly, N. Y.
E. M. Bell, veteran, Los Angeles, Cal.
In morgue at Shortsville:
MRS. A ZUBECK, Buffalo.
T. C. MADDEN, No. 628 North Olden Avenue, Trenton, N. J.
MRS. C. F. JOHNSON, Cleveland, O.
MRS. I. S. UNCLE, Smithfield, N. J.
JOSEPH HICKEY, Philadelphia, Pa.
C. P. JOHNSON, Philadelphia.
A. M. HUNSICKER, Vineland, Ont.
E. PANGBURN, Brooklyn.
HELEN E. POWALL, address unknown.
Unknown woman, about 30, blonde hair, blue eyes, blue serge suit.
Unknown woman, initials "E. H." on clothing.
Unknown woman, 30, initials "C. H." on stickpin.
Unknown woman, initials "E. T. P." on clothing.
Unknown woman, gold band ring engraved "Minnie, November 28th, '83."
MRS. FREDERICK A. WINKLER, 55, Philadelphia.
REBECCA A. DANERLITT, 55, Niagara Falls.
EDGAR B. ANDERSON, 62 Brooklyn, N. Y.
Unknown woman, 35 or 40 years old.
Unknown woman, dark hair, about 175 pounds in weight.
Unknown woman, 40, dark hair.
Unknown boy, about 12 years old.
MRS. EMILY HILL was the unknown woman who died at the Hahnemann hospital this morning.
WILLIS RUNDELL, mail clerk, 49, diec at Homcopathic hospital, Easton, Pa.
MISS RANDALL, Niagara Falls, at the General hospital, is dying.
MR. DRAPER at the General hospital, is dying.
MRS. ESTHER or MABEL LAWRENCE, is unconscious at Hanneman hospital and will die.

The Syracuse Herald New York Pg. 3 1911-08-26

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