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Long Island, NY Two Trains Collide, Aug 1893


In a Midnight Wreck on the Long Island Road.

The Last Train From Rockaway Beach for New York Ran Into the Rear End of a Train From Manhattan – The Extent of the Damage Not Known as Yet, but Dispatches Indicate Considerable Loss of Life.

LONG ISLAND CITY, L.I., August 27, 2 A.M. -- A serious collision occurred on the Long Island railroad near Long Island City, just after midnight this morning.
It is reported that several passengers have been killed, but it is impossible to establish that as yet.
The last train from Rockaway Beach for New York crashed into the last train from Manhattan beach at Laurel Hill, just outside of Long Island City.
H. MAWOTZSKI, a musician of 441 East Eighty-eighth street, New York, a passenger on the Manhattan Beach train, was badly injured.
LATER – The latest reports are to the effect that eight persons were killed outright and at least thirty-five others more or less injured.
The names of the killed and wounded cannot be learned as yet.
Other late dispatches increase the number of killed.

Brooklyn Eagle New York 1893-08-27

article | by Dr. Radut