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New York, NY Steamer TEXAS Wreck, Mar 1913


Crew of the Texas Stick to Ship After Three Propeller Blades Are Broken

NEW YORK, March 29.—The forty-three passengers of the steamer Texas, found adrift in midocean with three broken propeller blades last Saturday, reached this port last night on the Scandinavian-American Line steamer C. F. Tietjen. The crew remained on the Texas, which was towed to the Azore Islands.

The Tietjen responded to wireless calls for help sent by the Texas, which was bound from Gothenburg, Sweden, to Newport News. The Tietjen went 165 miles out of her course and found the seas so rough upon arriving near the Texas that it was impossible to get within conversing distance. The Tietjen sent out small boats. In these the Texas passengers were lowered two at a time, women and children first, with the aid of a basket and the Texas’ hoisting engine.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX 29 Mar 1913

article | by Dr. Radut