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Sands Point, NY Yacht VENITZIA Capsized, July 1901





New Haven, Conn., July 19. -- Five persons were drowned in Long Island sound by the capsizing of the yawl-rigged yacht Venitzia, of Philadelphia, at a point five miles east of Sands Point, near the New York and Connecticut line. Two only of those on board the yacht were rescued the drowned are: ARTHUR C. COLBURN, owner of the yacht and his daughters, IDA and ANNETTE COLBURN, of Philadelphia; Captain FLINT, of Brooklyn, master of the yacht, and a sailor, name unknown.
The others on board the ill-fated craft, MRS. WALTER T. SPRANKLE, of Philadelphia, and daughter of thw owner of the yacht, and the steward, JAMES STANBRIDGE, of New York, were rescued by the tug Gertrude, after clinging for two hours to the bottom of a capsized life boat.
The yacht left Delaware City bound for Newport. It started from Thompsonville, S. I., the intention being to put into Black Rock, Conn., and take on board MRS. SPRANKLE'S husband, who was expected there.
According to the story of the steward, the accident happened between 3 and 3:30 in the afternoon. The sky was very squally, and the steward says he heard MR. COLBURN say to Captain FLINT that it would be well to take in some of the light sails, but that the captain had replied that the boat would stand all the wind that was coming. She had on all of her light sails, including jibs, staysail and topsail. Steward STANBRIDGE says he was in the galley preparing supper, when he heard an unusual fluttering of the jibs and felt the boat heel over. He rushed on deck and was about midships when the craft capsized. When he found himself in the water he attempted to grasp one of the sails which lay in the water, but found it was sinking. Then he swam for the yacht's tender, which was bottom up. As he was supporting himself at one end of the boat, MRS. SPRANKLE, who is an expert swimmer, caught hold of the other and they balanced themselves thus until the tug Gertrude appeared and the attention of those on board was attracted by shouts. When picked up both were thoroughly exhausted, but have partly recovered.
The steward saw nothing of the others of the party after the disaster and believes that some were carried under by the sails and rigging and that others were drowned in the cabin.
The yacht Venitzia was built in 1880 in Mystic, Conn., and was elaborately finished and furnished. She is 50 feet long with a net tonnage of 31.

Evening Bulletin Maysville Kentucky 1901-07-20


coverage of this story

Hi! I restore antique doors and I found the front page of the north American in between the mirror and covers this story. Is tgre something I should do with it? I don't know why it'd be there w these doors BC my house was built 1915. This is dated 07/20, 1901. Pretty cool but Il throw it away if I can't find someone who would find a use for it....

sinking of ship Venitziaa

This ship was owned by an ancestor of my daughter through her father's side, a Caswell, who happens to be a boat builder. I would love to be able to give this to her!

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