Richmond Hill, NY Trolley And Truck Collide, Aug 1908





In a collision between a trolley car and a loaded truck at Myrtle and Woodhaven Avenues, Richmond Hill, at 1:30 A.M. today, two policemen and the trolley motorman were mortally injured, and the truck driver was badly hurt.
The most seriously injured are:
ANDREW SIEFERT, forty-three years old, of No. 172 Stanhope Street, Brooklyn, a policeman assigned to the Glendale Station; broken right arm, back crushed and internal hurts. He will die.
FRED WOLFE, thirty-four years old, of No. 122 Enfield Street, Unionport, a policeman assigned to the Glendale Station; chest crushed and internal injuries. Expected to die.
JAMES DEGNAN, thirty-five years old, of No. 181 Palmetto Street, Brooklyn; right leg broken and internal injuries. Condition critical.
ADOLPH RINGELOTH, a driver, thirty-five years old, of No. 46 Beaver Street, Brooklyn; probable concussion of brain.
Trolley car No. 4,546 of the Myrtle Avenue line was coming east along Myrtle Avenue at breakneck speed. A score or more of policemen who were due for roll call at 2 o'clock in the Glendale Station were in the car, while SIEFERT and WOLFE were on the front platform with Motorman DEGNAN.
The trolley car was eastbound and the truck with which it collided was going in the opposite direction.
It was owned by Minck Brothers, of Beaver Street, Brooklyn. The police think that RINGELOTH, the driver, had been asleep and that he was awakened by the noise made by the trolley car, which, as usual during the early hours of the morning, was going at a high rate of speed.
Thinking that a car was approaching from behind he started to pull out of its way. Instead he pulled over onto the other track, directly in front of the fast speeding car.
DEGNAN, the motorman, had no time even to slow down, and the car crashed into the wagon, demolishing it.
The vestibule and front platform of the car were smashed and the motorman and the two policemen, who were riding on the platform, were caught in the wreck.
The policemen had just left their posts, having been relieved, and were on their way to the Richmond Hill station house, to answer roll call. RINGELOTH was hurled from the wagon by the impact and struck on his head, getting a very bad scalp wound.
The shades of the front windows of the car were down at the time of the mishap, and the passengers and conductor had no warning of the impending smash-up.
The conductor, passengers and others set to work quickly to extricate the motorman from the wreck, and word of the accident was telephoned to the police station and to St. Mary's Hospital in Jamaica. An ambulance and a patrol wagon were soon at the scene and the injured policemen were placed in the wagon and the other two in the ambulance, and both vehicles were driven at top speed to the hospital.
At the hospital it was said this morning that SIEFERT, one of the injured policemen, had a very slight chance of recovery. His chest is partly torn away and his back badly hurt, and he is also suffering from a fracture of the arm.
Policeman WOLFE, besides having an ugly would in the neck, is suffering from internal iinjuries and is in a critical condition. DEGNAN, the motorman, was also said to be hurt internally and his recovery was considered doubtful.
After those hurt had been taken away to the hospital a wrecking crew was sent for, but it was two hours before traffic could be resumed.

Evening World New York 1908-08-19

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