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New York, NY Power Plant Explosion, Dec 1910

Listing of victims of the explosion in a substation power house in the new yard of the New York Central, at 50th Street and Lexington Avenue.

The Dead:
NICOLA GALUCCI, thirty-six years old, of No. 327 East 108th Street, window cleaner, killed in Central yards.
JOHNSTON GUTHIES, twenty-three years old, of No. 311 East 50th Street, electrician, died in St. Vincent's Hospital, hurt in yards.
PATRICK JORDAN, of No. 234 East 46th Street, killed in Central yards.
V. B. LIVERMORE, fifty years old, inspector of Pullman cars, New York Central Railroad, killed in Central yards.
C. McMORROW, of No. 238 East 54th Street, an employe of the New York Central Railroad, killed in yards.
FRANK J. NAGLE, twenty years old, of No. 321 East 25th Street, killed in street.
EDITH OFFNER, of No. 344 East 72d Street, a stenographer, killed in the street at 50th Street and Lexington Avenue.
MARY B. POPE, forty-four years old, kindergarten teacher, of Boston, on a short visit to New York, killed in trolley car.
CHARLES ROBERTS, forty-six years old, of No. 424 East 72d Street, a clerk, killed in the street at 50th Street, near Lexington Avenue.
THOMAS STAGG, a watchman at the power house, killed in Central Yards.
The List of Those Injured:
YETTA ABRAHAMSON, fifty-one years old, of No. 1687 Third Avenue; fractured skull; Bellevue Hospital.
DORA J. AMORAS, of No. 125 East 50th Street; attended and went home.
ROSE BARNETT, of No. 527 Lexington Avenue; stayed at Children's Nursery.
JOSEPH BARRY, twenty-one years old, of No. 366 East 179th Street; compound facture of left arm; New York Hospital.
JAMES BIERNE, twenty-seven years old, of No. 321 East 89th Street; alcoholism and shock from explosion; attended in New York Hospital and went home.
JOHN BOWDEN, of No. 458 West 19th Street; attended and went home.
JAMES BOWE, twenty-eight years old, electrician, of No. 237 East 56th Street; lacerated head, face and hands; attended in Bellevue and went home.
CHRISTIAN BRAZIL, forty-two years old, of No. 978 Second Avenue; fraactured left ankle, lacerated face and scalp; Flower Hospital.
THOMAS BROADY, thirty-five years old, of No. 428 East 81st Street; contusions of fingers; attended in Presbyterian Hospital and went home.
DANIEL BUTLER, forty-four years old, of No. 122 Guernsey Street, Brooklyn; fractured left leg; Flower Hospital.
JAMES CAMPAS, of No. 335 East 49th Street; lacerated ear, face and scalp; attended in Presbyterian Hospital and went home.
EMILY CAMPBELL, forty-two years old, of Mamaroneck; lacerated arm; attended and went home.
WILLIAM CAMPBELL, thirty-eight years old, of No. 338 East 49th Street; attended and went home.
JAMES CARR, of No. 84 Chester Place; attended and went home.

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