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New York, NY Elevated Rail Accident, Apr 1902


Two Employes{sic} Hurt on the Third Avenue Elevated Railroad.

Thomas Sheehan, twenty-six years old, of 1,912 Third Avenue, and Alexander Ross, forty years old, of 428 East Ninety-second Street, were badly burned by the third rail of the Third Avenue Elevated Road about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon at Chatham Square.

Just after a Pelham Avenue train had gone out of the station there was a hiss and a shower of sparks and then the attaches of the station heard a shout for help. All the employes{sic} ran to the up-town side of the track and saw a man's hand sticking up about twenty feet from the switches which send the Second Avenue trains on another track. Several men jumped down on to the track, and just as they got to the hand Ross pulled himself up. His left wrist was burned to the bone and there were burns on his face. Reaching over the structure the men succeeded in getting hold of Sheehan and pulled him to the track. His hands, arms, and face were badly burned.

The men were iron workers and had gone underneath the structure to lay some wires. Ross was chopping some wood preparatory to putting in the wires and it is supposed that his axe touched the third rail.

The New York Times, New York, NY 25 Apr 1902

article | by Dr. Radut