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New York, NY Steel Girder Accident, Jun 1931


New York, June 16.--One workman was killed and two were injured yesterday in the crash of 16 large steel girders on a Hudson River pier being demolished.

The three men, with 12 others, were using acetylene torches to cut through the steel when on girder suddenly fell, striking the crossbars attaching the remaining girders to each other. One girder fell directly on Joseph Fritz, 45, killing him instantly. Michael Pocuea, 32, suffered fractures of both ankles, and Steve Clements, 43, the foreman, received fractures of both legs.

The pier at the foot of Canal street, is one of two being demolished to make room for one large pier for the Hamburg-American Line.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 16 Jun 1931

article | by Dr. Radut