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Garrison, NY Train Plunges Into River, Oct 1897

Garrisons NY Train wreck 10-24-1897.jpg Garrisons NY Train wreck 2.jpg Garrisons NY Train wreck.jpg

At Fishkill the train lessened its speed, as is its custom, to run from that point to Tarrytown at the rate of about twenty-five miles an hour. Most of the passengers were asleep, those in the sleepers being in their berths, while the occupants of the coach and smoker were for the most bart doubled up in their seats. Just how the train met its awful fate will never be fully known, for the men who first felt the danger, Engineer JOHN FOYLE and Fireman JOHN TOMPKINS, tonight lie dead in the cab of their locomotive at the bottom of the Hudson River. Conductor PARRISH, who was in charge of the train, and who was making up his report in one of the cars when the crash came, was rendered unconscious by a blow on the head. When he recovered he was three seats ahead of the one in which he had been sitting. One of the few occupants of the coach who escaped was FRANK J. DEGAN, a wood finisher of New York. His left eye was cut by broken glass and his body was slightly bruised.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1897-10-25

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