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New York, NY Subway Accident, Feb 1906


Rush of the Curious to the Scene Calls Out Police Reserves.

Antonio Rossi of 505 East 150th Street, a laborer employed in the Subway to keep the tracks clear of rubbish, was killed by a train yesterday at his work between the Fourteenth Street and Astor Place stations. No one saw the accident, and the motorman of the train which struck the workman evidentially knew nothing of it, for no report was made of it.

Daniel Donovan, foreman of the "trash gang", as the rubbish scavengers are called, missed Rossi when his time was up, and, fearing that an accident had befallen him, sent a gang of men on a search of his beat. Fragments of the body were found strewn between the two stations.

The sight of Donovan depositing parts of the body on the platform of the Fourteenth Street Station caused several women to faint, and a rumor spread that there had been a collision in the Subway with many victims. Those on the platform rushed out horrified, and as they told the story outside the curious rushed down.

So great did the crush of the morbid become that there was danger of some of the people being pushed on to the tracks. The police reserves from the Fifth Street Station were called to clear the station. They had to poke the crowd with their clubs to drive it away. The Coroner will make an investigation into the death.

The New York Times, New York, NY 19 Feb 1906

article | by Dr. Radut