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Newark, NJ Trolley Car Accident, May 1895



Newark, N. J., May 10. -- Two children were instantly killed to-day by the trolley cars, and another was seriously injured. The names of the dead are:
AGNES BUCHANAN, twelve years old, of 310 North Third Street, Harrison.
JOSEPH BASTINO, seven years old, of 65 Adams Street.
The injured child is MAGGIE GALLAGHER, twelve years old, of 401 John Street, Kearney.
AGNES BUCHANAN, daughter of ANDREW BUCHANAN, was out walking at 11 o'clock this morning on Central Avenue. When she reached the corner of Hoyt Street, she started to run across the street. Just as she reached the middle of the street she became bewildered at seeing a car bearing down upon her.
Before she could leave the track, the trolley car struck her. It is said that as the child reached the track, she tripped and fell to the ground.
The car was in charge of Motorman AMZI ALLEN of 380 Warren Street. The car was going down grade, and when ALLEN saw the child he was unable to bring the car to a stop in time to save her life. He tried to lower the fender when he saw the child, but it would not work.
JOSEPH BASTINO was struck by Car No. 23 of the Newark and Orange line at 3:30 o'clock, on Ferry Street, near Adams. The boy's head was almost severed from the body. The child was the son of TOMASO BASTINO of 65 Adams Street. The fender attached to the trolley was also defective, as in the case of AGNES BUCHANAN. It passed clear over the body of the boy. DANIEL LYONS measured the fender and found that it was nineteen inches above the ground. The conductor and motorman were arrested and held, pending the County Physician's investigation.
MAGGIE GALLAGHER, while returning to her home at 401 John Street, after viewing a circus parade, was struck by the fender of a Jersey City trolley car on Market Street, and knocked down. She was badly cut about the head. The child's wounds were dressed by a physician and she was taken home.

The New York Times New York 1895-05-11

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