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Sandy Hook Bay, NJ Yacht MIDGET Overturns, July 1902



New York, July 6. -- The wife of Capt. Tiemann N. Horn, of the Ninety-fifth company,sea coast artillery; his daughter, FRANCES, aged seven, and MISS ALICE McMAHON, of Nyack, N.Y., were drowned in Sandy Hook Bay today. Capt. Horn is stationed at Fort Hancock, on Sandy Hook.
Capt. Horn had made up a sailing party to go out on the bay in his small cat-rigged yacht Midget. Those aboard were, in addition to the captain, MRS. HORN, with their two children; MISS HORN, a sister; DR. WATERHOUSE, his wife, and MISS ALICE McMAHON, a sister about half a mile off Old Camp Lowdock a strong puff of wind caused the sail to gybe and in a moment the little vessel capsized, throwing all in the water.
Capt. Horn and Dr. Waterhouse made every effort to save the women and children, but strong ebb tide quickly swept them beyond reach, and before any other help could be had MRS. Capt. HORN, FRANCES and MISS McMAHON were drowned. The others clung to the mast of the capsized vessel for about fifteen minutes, until a sailboat containing W. B. Tait, of Atlantic Highlands, N. J. and Walter Tubbs, of this city, came up and rescued Mrs Waterhouse. At the same time Capt. Hortung, with his launch Edna May, of Newark, N.J., rescued Capt. Horn and his baby boy and MISS HORN and Dr. Waterhouse and brought them to Atlantic Highlands.
Soldiers from Fort Hancock and some of the civilians of the reservation went out in boats, dragging in the vicinity of the accident, but did not succeed in finding any of the bodies up to a late hour. The search will be continued, and probably dynamite will be used in an effort to raise the bodies to the surface.

Saint Paul Globe Minnesota 1902-07-07

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