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Newark, NJ Port Terminal Fire, Jan 1918

NEWARK FIRE LOSS $1,500,000;


Of $1,500,000 Fire at Newark Shipbuilding Yards and Submarine Base.

NEWARK, N. J., Jan. 26--A rigid military investigation of the fire at Port Newark terminal today which caused a loss estimated at $1,500,000 at the United States quartermaster department's supply depot and the submarine boat corporation shipyard, was ordered tonight by Major General W. A. Mann, commanding the eastern department. A commission of army officers will conduct the inquiry.

This ship was taken, it was announced after Major Frank E. Lamphere, in charge of the quartermaster's corps, had interrogated scores of persons from whom nothing was learned that could shed light on the origin of the flames.

The home guard of Kearney, N. J., was called out tonight by Police Commissioner Davis, and more than 100 men fully armed were posted in the neighborhood of the plants of the Federal Shipbuilding Company, and the Foundation company, close to the scene of the fire. These men will remain on guard until United States soldiers relieve them.

Acting upon the request of R. F. Dalzell, and inspector for the government shipping board, Governor Edge tonight ordered a battalion of the New Jersey guard to mount guard over the plants of the Federal Shipbuilding Company.

Fifteen men and three women who were detained for interrogation were released tonight. Authorities were satisfied that they were in no way responsible for the fire.

Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY 27 Jan 1918

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