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Princeton, MO Fire, Jul 1911

Princeton MO Fire 7-4-1911.jpg

Town Burning From Fireworks Of the Glorious

Princeton, Mo., According to Report Is Being Rapidly Reduced to Ruins.

Kansas City, July 4.-It is reported here over a long distance telephone that Princeton, Mo., is burning, following a Fourth of July celebration. It is said the business section of the town has been destroyed.

It is reported from Trenton, twenty-five miles south of Princeton, that half of the town has already been destroyed and that the fire is spreading into the residential districts.

A special train carrying all the available firemen and fighting apparatus has been sent from Trenton to the burning town.

The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 5 Jul 1911


As the Result of "Insane" and "Unsafe" Celebration of the Glorious Fourth.

(By Associated Press.)
Kansas City, July 4.-It was reported here by a long distance telephone message tonight that Princeton, Mo., is burning, following a fourth of July celebration, and that the business section of the town has already been destroyed.

The Miami Herald, Miami, FL 5 Jul 1911

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