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Minneapolis, MN Knickerbocker Block fire, Nov 1882


ST. PAUL, Nov. 13. - The most disastrous fire that has visited Minneapolis since the mill of last December broke out about 9 o'clock this morning in W. W. Eastman's building known at the Knickerbocker Block, on Nicollet avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets. It left the handsome structure a complete ruin, besides damaging the new Hurlburt Block adjoining. How the fire originated has not yet been ascertained, but it broke out in the packing-room of the Knickerbocker Furniture House, in the basement in the rear of the building. The Knickerbocker Block was occupied by the following persons and firms:

Easterly half of ground floor and basement, Middlemist & Taylor, wall-paper and moldings; second floor, R. M. Naegle's studio, MIss L. E. Ray's dress-making rooms, Miss Wright's cloak rooms, E. F. L. Beeken's insurance office, and Dr. Wentworth's office; westerly half of the ground floor and basement, and the entire third and fourth floors, Knickerbocker Furniture Company. The block was owned by William W. Eastman, who valued it at $40,000. His insurance is $23,000. The Hurlbut block is damaged to the extent of probably $8,000. Dyer & Howard's stock is also damaged to an equal amount, but both parties decline to estimate their loss. There is an insurance of $25,000 on the block, $18,500 of which is on Dyer & Howard's stock. The other occupants of the Hurlbut block also suffer damage by water. J. W. Hinsdale loses $1,000, covered by insurance. J. W. Ailly and H. W. Brownell lose some goods on which there is an insurance of $300.

The following list of losses and insurance is as near correct as it can be given to-day: W. O. W. Eastman, loss, $40,000; insurance, $23,000. Knickerbocker Company, loss, $50,000; insurance, $25,000. Middlemist & Taylor, loss, $12,000; insurance, $5,500. Mrs. Balcom, loss, $1,500; insurance, $1,150. Mrs. Wright, loss, $1,000; insurance, none. MIss Ray, loss, $1,200; insurance, $500. Mrs. Neagle, loss, $1,000; insurance, none. Dr. Wentworth, loss, $500; insurance, none. E. F. L. Becken, loss, $500; insurance, $350. W. H. Hayes, loss, $1,000; insurance, none. Hurlbut Block, loss, $8,000; insurance, $25,000. Dyer & Howard, loss, $8,000; insurance, $18,500. J. W. Hinsdale, loss, $1,000; insurance, $1,000. Other losses, $2,500. Total losses, $127,700; total insurance, $100,800.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Nov 1882

article | by Dr. Radut