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Minneapolis, MN McDonald Brothers Crockery Co. fire, Jun 1895


Several Firemen Killed - Property Valued at $200,000 Destroyed.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., June 27. - Fire which started at 11 o'clock to-night destroyed McDonald Brothers' crockery and glassware establishment on First Avenue South.

The estimated loss is $200,000.

Several firemen were killed.

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Jun 1895


Nine Men Were Wounded, Two of Whom May Die-Bodies of the Victims Badly Mangled.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., June 28. - Last night's fire in the wholesale crockery establishment of McDonald Bros., on First avenue, south, near Third street, was the most disastrous in loss of firemen's lives in the history of the Minneapolis Fire Department. Five brave fellows lie mangled and lifeless at the Morgue, and six of their comrades are writhing in agony at various hospitals. Of these six, one at least seems doomed to die, while in another case the issue is in doubt.

The list of the killed is as follows:

FRANK EUHLEIN, lieutenant.





The seriously injured areL

John Gray, broken knee cap and other injuries.

Ernest D. Caldwell, captain, back badly strained and internal injuries; may die.

Henry Gauf, engineer of No. 1, back and kidneys badly injured; will die.

Frank Egan, bruised.

W. H. McDonald, Lieutenant, badly crushed.

Ed. Thieland, captain, badly bruised about the head and body.

Besides the firemen who were injured, were the following citizens:

Theodore Veidt, of Anoka, Minn., cut by falling glass.

William Breitenstein, Minneapolis, cut by falling glass.

Paul Johnson, Northeast Minneapolis, cut by falling glass.

The heavy brick wall which wrought this injury fell almost without warning. The dead were so mangled that it was some time before all could be identified.

The loss is $40,000 on the building and $60,000 on the stock. The insurance is ample to cover this.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 29 Jun 1895

Crushed by Falling Walls in a Minneapolis Blaze.

Others Badly Hurt-

Minneapolis, Minn., June 27. - The most disastrous fire which ever visted Minneapolis accomplished its work of distruction and death tonight. Within an hour after the alarm rang at 11 o'clock, six firemen had been killed.

The dead are: Joseph Pay, Walter Richardson, Lieut. Frank Bulaine, John Horner, Bert Thomas, unidentified new member of engine 14.

Several others were seriously injured, and it is thought there may still be more dead who have not yet been extricated from under the ruins of the walls which fell and crushed them.

The seriously injured, so far as known, are: Ed. Thielan, lieutenant of hook and ladder 2; Capt. Caldwell, engine 8.

The four-story brick building occupied by McDonald Bros., crockery, china and gas fixtures, was destroyed. The fire started in the packing stock in the rear. The building had only a wooden frame and collapsed early. total loss, over $100,000.

The Worcester Daily Spy, Worcester, MA 28 Jun 1895

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