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Tipton, IN Automobile Collision, Dec 1960


Tipton, Ind. (AP) -- A young girl was killed Wednesday night in a head-on collision of cars driven by her estranged parents.
The girl, VICKI LYNN HAMILTON, 11, of Windfall, died a few minutes after the cars crashed on a snow-packed county road six miles northeast of Tipton. She had been riding with her mother, ELEANOR JANE HAMILTON, 31.
The mother, the father, PHILLIP K. HAMILTON, 33, and JOYCE LONG, 24, Windfall, who was riding with HAMILTON, were injured seriously.
MRS. HAMILTON told police she and her daughter were going to the home of a neighbor to pick up her son, who had been visiting there.
HAMILTON has been living with his parents, about two miles from his wife's home. He told police he and MRS. LONG were on their way to the HAMILTON home to visit MRS. HAMILTON and the children.
Both parents told police they recognized the cars just before the collision but were unable to avoid the accident.

Port Angeles Evening News Washington 1960-12-29

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