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Dana Point, CA Bus And Truck Collision, Nov 1951

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Dana Point, Calif. -- A woman was burned to death at Dana Point last night in a flaming crash of her light pickup truck with a Long Beach-bound Greyhound bus, which also burned.
The passengers on the bus and driver WILFRED JOSEPH LaVASSEER, 35, of San Diego, escaped by the emergency exit after the truck rammed into the door of the heavy bus and wedged there. The truck's fuel tank exploded, enveloping both vehicles in flames.
MRS. W. L. MULQUEEN, 39, of Carlsbad, perished in the wreckage. She was pinned in the cab of her truck by the motor.
LaVASSEER told California Highway Patrolman Wayne Reynolds that he was running on time but not fast, and entered Dana Point at 5:55 p.m. on his run to Long Beach. He said that the pickup veered into his lane of traffic and he swerved. At this same instant, the woman veered back into her own lane and the splintering crash occurred.
Traffic was tied up for one-half hour on the Coast Hwy. A tow truck was unable to separate the vehicles, and a six-wheel-drive fire truck finally freed them.

Long Beach Press-Telegram California 1951-11-08

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