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Tucson, AZ Automobile Kills Two, July 1977


Tucson (AP) -- A car speeding from the scene of a larceny has collided with a family station wagon, killing a mother and her 7-year-old son and sending her husband and two other sons to the hospital, Tuscon police report.
Killed in the Monday evening accident were ELAINA DANFORTH, whose age was not known, and her son, THEODORE.
Hospitalized were DAN DANFORTH, the dead woman's husband, and sons, ANTHONY, 4, and TIMOTHY, 2. DANFORTH was listed in stable condition late Monday. TIMOTHY was listed as critical and ANTHONY was in guarded condition.
Lt. Jackie Hitchcock said a car driven by SAM VALENZUELA, 25, hit the DANFORTH auto doing 80 to 90 miles per hour and continued on for 50 yards after the impact, a piece of the DANFORTH station wagon clinging to its fender.
VALENZUELA, JOHN HERNANDEZ, 24, and EDDIE SANCHEZ, 22, were treated at Kino Community Hospital, and placed under arrest.

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1977-07-26

article | by Dr. Radut