Jerome, AZ Town Fire, Sep 1898

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Prescott, Arizona, Sept. 12. -- Yesterday's fire in Jerome was one of the greatest calamities in the loss of life and destruction of property that ever occurred in Arizona. Among those who lost their lives are the following:
Mexican Woman and her Two Children.
WILFORD, an undertaker.
A Dry Goods Clerk, name unknown.
Two Laborers, names unknown.
The number of missing tonight is placed at fifteen.
Many people familiar with Jerome place the property loss at figures ranging from a half to three quarters of a million dollars. There was but little insurance, the aggregate being less than $50,000. The loss is complete. It being stated that not even the commonest articles of use were saved. Much merchandise and other valuable goods were removed to places on the hillside, but the heat became so intense that nearly everything was destroyed in the end. Following are some of the principal losses:
DAVE CONNOR, hotel, value $40,000, loss total.
C. O'KEEFE, general merchandise, $50,000, loss total.
MERRILL Brothers, general merchandise, value $25,000, insurance nominal.
HOOVER & GARDNER, resort, value $10,000, insurance nominal.
Senate saloon, $6,000, insurance nominal.
Annex, loss $7,000.
GEORGE LANHAM, loss $7,000.
WILLIAM HOOK & Co., loss $7,500.
JOSEPH T. EMBERINO, loss $10,000.
MRS. BOYD, lodging house, loss $6,000.
St. Charles Hotel, loss $20,000.
Grand View Hotel, $25,000, insurance nominal.
Fifty company cottages, loss $100,000, insurance nominal.
Also, at least 200 additional places of business, including confectionery, tobacco, fruit, barbers' shops, meat markets, and like places, aggregating a big sum.
Contracts for rebuilding are already being made. The BASHFORD-BURMISTER Company, S. HILL, and others have sent over tents, and to this stock constant additions are being made, and a money subscription is being circulated and liberally signed.

The New York Times New York 1898-09-13

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